They Make A Condom For That

I had intended for my first post to be a sort-of introduction, but as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a post that really irked me. It’s not just this one post. It’s the entire issue that has gotten under my skin.

We’ve all seen it. The signs at WalMart reminding shoppers to make sure they didn’t leave their kids in the car. The seemingly never-ending news stories about what can happen if/when caregivers do leave children in the back seat of the car. At some point, we have to start wondering what is wrong with people?

It’s been several months now, but I read an article offering tips to keep yourself from “forgetting” your child when you get out of the vehicle. One of these tips was to throw “your cell phone or other important item” in the back seat. The reasoning? If you forget your child, you’re sure to remember that cell phone. When did a technological device become more important than a human life?

Now, a 12 year old in El Paso has invented a device to make sure caregivers remember that precious cargo in the back. Let me start by saying, kudos to that kid! And shame on the rest of the world for making it so an invention like that is deserving of kudos.

If you aren’t responsible enough to keep your kid safe, maybe you shouldn’t have had one to begin with. If you need a cell phone to remind you the child you gave life to is accompanying you to the store (or wherever) maybe you should have rethought that choice to become a parent.

We don’t need an invention to keep adults from “forgetting” the little ones they are responsible for. We need people to remember what is important in life (answer: the “small things” like family and friends, doing good for another- not just whatever you need to reach the top.) And if you can’t do that, well, then just remember THEY MAKE A CONDOM FOR THAT.

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