Hunter’s Fall is Available Now!

Price: 3.99 Kindle, 7.00 Paperback

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About this Book:

As a member of an elite force of vampires who hunt and take down renegades, Valerie is equipped with a special set of skills. She’s used to doing things on her own, but this time she’s been assigned a partner, and not just any partner- a hunter. The two must work together or risk the lives of the innocent children that have been captured.


Free Excerpt:

“There were dozens of women. Dozens! The law didn’t do a thing to help them or prevent other women from being hurt by that beast! I did and I don’t regret it.”
“We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that.”
“Have you not taken justice into your own hands?” I demanded. “Have you not killed without question, because you viewed someone as a threat?”
“That’s different. I kill monsters, not people.”
I dug in my pack and pulled out a wooden stake. I tossed the weapon to Adam. “Kill me,” I ordered.
“There’s a stake. Shove it into my heart. I didn’t think I’d need to explain it.” I held my arms out to either side, “I won’t move.”
“This is ridiculous,” he said.
“C’mon,” I egged him on. “I’m a vampire, a monster. I deserve to die. I drink blood. I’ve killed people. You’re a hunter, do your duty.”
He grabbed the stake in his right hand. His grip was firm and his heart was pounding in his chest. I took a deep breath as he stuck the pointed end to my chest. “You asked for it,” he said.
“I’m not fighting you, am I?”

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