BOOK ALERT: Cruel Awakenings by Zena Xenae


About This Book:

Cruel Awakening is one woman’s story of abuse, based on actual events set in Baltimore, MD in the early 80’s. It starts off as a love story between Angelo and Zikiyah. After the birth of their first child, things take a turn for the worse. It gives a truthful look inside a real domestic situation: the physical abuse, substance abuse, infidelities, and a whole turmoil of mixed in drama. It promises to shed light on the domestic violence question of “Why do they stay?” or “Why do they leave?”

A page turner, a jaw dropper with very intense love scenes, not for the faint of heart, ends in a very dramatic manner. It will make you laugh, make you cry, make you angry! Intended for mature audiences.


Check out these reviews!

Rating 5 stars by L. Thomas: “Oh my God more twist and turns than a deadly road. To tell the truth I called in sick just to finish it”

Rating 5 stars by Shnasdy: “I was captured from page 1. This is a woman’s struggle against domestic violence and the choices she had to make for herself and children.What I liked most is there is information all though the book where you can get help if you find yourself in this situation. I can not wait for the next one and see what happens”

Rating 5 stars by Sara P.: “The most entertaining book I’ve read this summer! Chapter 14 was something else!



About the Author:

Zena Xenae is from Baltimore, MD, she studied Mass Communications
and is CEO of Millionaire Management & Promotions


Cruel Awakenings was released in May of 2016.

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