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FanGirl Friday: Ashlei Hawley

This week for Fan-girl Friday, I have picked an author who spans many genres. She has been published by both traditional methods and self-publishing, and today just happens to be the day that she will reveal a cover for her newest book.

Ashlei Hawley also writes under the name A.D. Johnson in order to keep her young adult books from meshing with those with more adult themes. In November, she will be releasing a new book Wonders: A Wanderer’s Journey. It’s a trilogy of which I have had the honor to read the first book in a beta form. I’m a huge fan of young adult, and it will not disappoint.

Cover reveal yay

This author is one that refuses to stick to genre labels, which is one reason I will always fan-girl over her, nor does she search out hot topics in hopes of using what’s in right now to push her sales. That is an admirable trait for a writer. Because she writes what speaks to her, regardless of genre or fad, the passion for her craft comes across in her writing.

I have watched Ms. Hawley grow as an author since before she was published originally. I have seen her fail and dust herself off, because her desire to make her mark with the written word is fierce. From starting a zombie apocalypse with a ton of free money to allowing a young woman diagnosed with cancer to find love in an unexpected place, Ms. Hawley always takes her own perspective on her stories.


To date, my favorite of her work is All Purpose Exorcisms, the first book in the Cameron Connelly series. Cam is what is termed an exorcist in the post-apocalyptic tale. She fights against the darkness in a world ruled by vampires. It’s unique story, and though released quite awhile ago, I am highly anticipating the next book, and the next, and the next…


If you’re interested in finding out more about Ashlei Hawley/A.D. Johnson look her up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Amazon!

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