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In the Words of An Author: An Interview With K.J. Blocker


Have there been any authors who have influenced your work? If so who?

PL Travers . Whimsical, yet straightforward

A good mixture of fantasy, with a slight twist of reality .

Cs Lewis, bold but not over to top storyteller I love his children’s work Great fantasy with a moral compass .


Out of all the characters you’ve written who is your favorite? Why?

 Wow ! there’s so many great stand out characters in this book, so hard to choose just one, but I love the somewhat addled mine manager, Dusty. He’s got this really cool old-school thinking chair he can’t figure nothing without it , And he  has a signature ball close by just in case The conversation gets boring, Dusty is loyal to Pappy, unless the right offer comes along, as he’s very easy to sway . Sometimes it’s hard for Dusty to make up his mind. As the last person’s opinion he hears is the one he is most likely to go with ..I just love his child like attitude. After all …there’s a little dust in all of us


Are there any type of scenes you find more difficult to write? Which ones and why?

For me it would be the scenes where Tom wants to believe so much that his father is dead, that he lies to both his wife and son as either wife or son have never met toms father I really do believe Tom wants his father to be alive but there’s so much pain and disappointment . He buried his father at age 18 .


What would you say the most rewarding part of being an author is?

To bring to life what was once only in your imagination .


What advice do you have for authors just starting out in their journey?

If you’re an Indy writer, ideas don’t come cheap,or easy,. I’m not trying to scare you there’s just a ton of competition, and only so many buyers, for your genre .. So be different , be bold be creative, do something different to stand out, Be prepared to spend $$$ . You’re the producer . You call the shots .. But calling the shots costs ..You’ll get tired, at times feel abandon all alone . You’ll get to a point where characters make no sense, but you go on anyway, you will hear them say good luck you got a 1 million to one chance ,but if you keep going in due time ,it will become clear Cause if you feel down deep in your soul that you’re called to write . …No force, people or finances will be able to stop you . Only you. Will stop you, Because when it comes from your soul. . You won’t be able to let it go….


Do you have a writing ritual? If so, please, explain.

I block out time, usually at night I guess you’d call it block writing . But the truth of the matter is an idea can come at anytime… So always keep the pen and paper handy .

Was being an author something you always wanted to be?

No. I thought I was gonna be a DJ . When I was a kid, I love music, and I though  that way I could meet The artist I love to listen to .


If you could have a conversation with any one person alive or dead who would it be and why?

Carlo collod

Superfan Pinocchio.. And the lesson it taught me as a child about honesty. Just want to thank him for that work . And the impact it had on my life .

If you would like to find out more about K.J. Blocker, check out these links:

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