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In the Words of an Author: An Interview with Koffi Hallman


Have there been any authors who have influenced your work? If so, who?

Yes. Walter Mosely, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, among others too long to list here

Out of all the characters you’ve written, who is your favorite? Why?

Max BLAKK from my 6 Degrees Of Hustle Series, because he is absolutely pure steel nothing gets the best of him.
But Koffi Majors, in Death Of A Thug, has this adaptability to him that is to be envied.
Donna McCafferty is a pit bull in a skirt as an attorney.

Bob Staks & Lisa Woodman, in Body Count, are both opposite ends of a spectrum who’s lives are forced together for survival.

I actually have relationships with all my characters, even minor ones, so they’re actually like my kids.

I try to make sure I’m worth the price of admission to my readers so I give them people they can relate to & root for & against so it’s actually difficult to pick just one.


Are there any types of scenes you find more difficult to write? Which ones and why.

No, because I follow the story line and whatever it calls for in order to bring the best out of each particular scene so they are one- not separate, so there is no difficulty only a clear picture of what I want to convey to my audience and how I want them to feel about that .
Many writers tell me they experience writers block or can sit for an entire weekend and draw blanks. I don’t have that issue (knock on wood).

Because I actually have relationships with my characters. As a writer I Am The God Of my Universe.
My stories and characters all live within that universe.
So I don’t have to invent them just have to stop that lady on the street; she will tell me her name, her story, and a lay out of the town so by visiting different areas I can change story dynamics. A long time ago a teacher, Mrs. Troy, who taught English convinced me I wasn’t crazy when she told me I was a writer the voices I was hearing where characters introducing themselves to me and I needed to listen! Worked wonders for me! Shout out to Mrs. Troy!

I guess that’s why my writings are so descriptive



What would you say the most rewarding part of being an author is?

People who’s lives I touch that share my talent and allow me to provide an escape from their world to mine if only until they close the pages. I try to ensure that ride is as great as I can make it.

And when your fortunate enough for someone to purchase your book and they really enjoy it!!!

And they say they’ve read multiple times and it’s like a new experience each time and they find things they missed initially.


With Series like 6 Degrees Of Hustle Series
I throw you curve balls for multiple titles

The Suspicion Series (Takes Of Max BLAKK)
I do it for 47 titles each will have the word Suspicion somewhere in the title there are 47 books in the series the 1st is Deadly Suspicions


What advice do you have for authors just starting out in their journey?

Write write write ! Don’t obsess over Small details (character name, setting, etc…)

Concentrate on the story!

The better the story the bigger the fan!

Believe that each time you write and write for fans of your work and if your looking for a publisher check out the folks at
492 Publishing House Inc they’re all inclusive packages put Authors First


Do you have a writing ritual? If so, please explain.

None to speak of other than my Characters talk to me. I actually let my characters explain their stories to me as they see them happening! So I actually become the narrator to my audience and they can feel the emotion because it’s genuine

This is actually how it affected this particular character

That’s why the emotions in my book are real they are told from a place of a character this actually happened to.

I have a novel I’m writing now I’m 2 chapters in and the main character who is telling the story still hasn’t told me her name ,yet with the things that have happened to her in these two chapters makes me excited to know who she is… hopefully that feeling translates to my audience

That’s what allows them to not put it down. Especially if it’s based on true events as with the 2017 Winner of the Walter Mosely Award for African American Fiction, Death Of A Thug.


Was being an author something you always wanted to do?

Well, I’ve always been a writer of sorts. Poems, short stories, plays, raps, what have you. I wrote a poem and my English teacher submitted it to a contest and I won.

I then realized I needed to write on a larger scale. It wouldn’t be till years later when I would actually be in a position to put paper to pad and I actually got to tell an Amazing story that actually happened and I got to Fictionalize it without incriminating the innocent or further incriminating the guilty. To do such with an artistic flare that allows people from all walks of life to actually be able to take an in depth look into a world many didn’t know existed and to paint a picture they could understand and enjoy.

I feel that fully expresses my talent as a Author.

So Far I’ve won (2) awards including
the Walter Mosely Award for African American Fiction for my Current novel Death Of A Thug.
I’m Extremely Proud of that one


If you could have a conversation with any one person, alive or dead, who would it be and why?


Ask him where we went wrong what we can do to fix it to the benefit of all mankind.


Would you care to provide an excerpt from one of your books as a sample of your work?


I can provide the link so you can look inside and read excerpt for free on Amazon

But I have to warn you once they cut you off

Your going to one click it because it’s a must read that is hard to tear away from

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