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In the Words of an Author: An Interview With Willy Garza

Was being an author something you always wanted to do?
Yes, ever since I was literally a kid growing up I knew in my heart I wanted to be an author. .

You’ve been writing online FanFics for awhile, which shows do you FanFic and why did you choose them?
Oh wow , I write many from YR , B&B , Days , GL , AMC,Oltl , Dynasty,TrueBlood and even my own Original Written Online Drama FanFic Series like ” Hollywood Games and Crimes Of Passion ”

Can you tell us a little about your original FanFic series?
” Hollywood Games ”
In Hollywood, its not just about auditions, who is screwing who, but something far more deeper, be cautious Not everybody is your friend!

” Crimes Of Passions ”
2 Female Detectives pursue cases in KeyWest, Florida where they never know what secrets will be unveiled!

Your first book, Love on the Run, was just released on Amazon. What can you tell us about this book?

” Love On The Run ”
An LGBT Romance is book 1 of 3 in a series. It’s about Peter Longview a ex con who is released from prison hoping to get his life back on track asking himself can he be reunited with a lost love ?

**Interview’s Note** The sequel to “Love on the Run is available now for preorder with a release date of 10/20/2015


What do you do outside of writing?
I enjoy being single dad to my daughter and son. I love spending quality time with family. Family means everything to me.

Do you feel like there has been any authors that have inspired your career?
I would say the most Talented author to inspire me is Agatha Christie. I enjoy getting swept away by her mysteries and the characters she enjoys writing about.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?
I’d like to thank my wonderful readers for always reading, sharing my stories with others. I even get compliments from celebs so I am very grateful.

Do you have any advice for those just beginning their journey into the writing world?
The advice I give to all Aspiring Authors: No matter how difficult the task never give up on your dreams! The payoff is huge when you reach your goals!

Where can we go to find all things Willy Garza?

@soapsudsfanclub Twitter

@officialpartywill Instagram

@partywill Pintrest


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