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In The Words of an Author: An Interview with Yara Greathouse

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

No… not really. I have always been a reader. I had a lonely childhood growing up in a dysfunctional family and reading was my escape. After college, life got really busy and I was a workaholic for many years, until one day that I was laid off from a company having financial issues. Suddenly, I was home and looking for a job was my job. To take my mind off my problems I took up reading again. I could not afford books so I visited the library often and also read every ebook that sounded good and was free. One day I came across Abbi Glines’ “Existence” series and I was so overcome with emotions due to the plot and characters, I thought, how cool will it be to bring out those feelings in other people? That’s when I decided that I wanted to be an author.

What do you do outside of writing?

My day job (and the one that pays the bills…) is as a Safety & Security Analyst for a major airline. Some days, my brain works so hard during the day that it shut downs when I get home and I cannot write one word. I don’t like those days.

Do you have any writing rituals?

I cannot write without music. I listen to Alternative, Country and some Top 40 stations. I build a playlist with a mixture of everything and play in “shuffle” and “repeat” modes the same music while I write the novel. It’s the only thing that helps me concentrate and block out the household noise. Yes, my husband and child are expert noise machines.

I also have to develop some kind of outline for the story to keep me on track. I have ADD – you can imagine what type of craziness I would write without an outline. LOL. Also, I drink tons of water and Coke. A quick snack would be cheese slices (sharp cheddar or muenster) and some crackers. Nothing greasy – I don’t want to leave grease tracks on my keyboard.

What inspired you to write the Girls on Top series?

All I was seeing published were books of whiny, needy female characters. I was tired of reading those. I wanted to write books with strong leading female characters that complemented their alpha males and were funny and witty. I think I have made it work rather well. I like this formula for now. I like that my characters are strong, resourceful, and kickass. At the same time they are beautiful and somewhat flawed like most of us. They hold their own.

Out of all your characters, who is your favorite character to work with? Why?

This question is SO not fair – it’s like asking you to pick one out of all your children! LOL

Okay, of the girls, I have a soft spot for Brianna Gilmore (Unavoidable). She has a sarcastic streak like me, and was able to rise above not one but two terrible situations, while becoming a better self. She also kicks ass (literally) and I wish I could do that like her.

Out of the boys, man this is really hard, because I think I’m really in love with Wyatt Maxwell (Dismantled) but I was only able to write him partially. His book is not yet written. Another male character that I absolutely love is Traxx Maxwell (Dismantled), I feel so bad for having putting him through the ringer… I cried a lot writing him.

What advice do you have for new authors just setting out on their journey?

Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t rush. Plan your story carefully. Build your audience before you publish. Haters are out there waiting to wreak havoc in your life – Show them your middle finger and ignore them.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Reader’s rock! I love interacting with them and getting to know them through social media. They are the best. I wish I could give everyone a huge hug and say a loud THANK YOU for taking a chance on me and my books. Thank you, for taking the time to read my books and a special thank you to those who have left reviews. They mean so much to us, Indies – they’re the most important Marketing tool we have!

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I know I don’t write as fast as others, but be in the lookout for a novella that is coming out in August (Tequila Sunrises over Georgia). It’s part of the Southern Comforts’ anthology. Then, in late fall, a new standalone comes out tentatively titled “Broken Mirror.” After that I will write Book 3 (Keagan and Notso – Spring 2016) of the Girls on Top series. I have a lot of exiting new stories in development and I’m planning to release at least three more in 2016.

Would you care to leave us with a little snippet, as well as the links to stay up-to-date with all things Yara Greathouse?

Sure! Here you go!

This one’s from “Unavoidable” –

She looked at our hands, with our intertwined fingers, and I felt something wet slipping between the cracks in our hold. They were tears. She looked at me and I was willing her to say the things I needed to hear. Anything other than a rejection would be welcomed. Please. Since I was not going to let go of her hand, I move my free one and using my thumb, I carefully wipe her tears away from her face. She starts to speak.

“You have had a hard life, too, and it surprises me. I’m not going to be a coward and deny the way I feel about you. Yes, Colton. I feel it. We have an inexplicable connection. I feel it when we talk, when we touch…” She covers my free hand with hers and continues, “…A look from you sends me spinning and at times I feel like I don’t know how to act because my body and soul are beckoning to be near you.

“Colton, there are things, complicated things about my past that I am not ready to share with anyone. I feel that honesty is important. With that said, I’m at a standstill because if I don’t tell you about those things, they may come up later and ruin everything. And if I do tell you about my past, you could be horrified by it and won’t want to be near me. So I feel that the risk is greater than the benefit. I have tried to keep away from you, but it’s hard, so damn hard!”

“Brianna, the past is in the past. Whatever happened then, it helped to shape you into the beautiful person you are today. Why would I not want to be with you now in the present and the future due to something that is no longer a factor? One day at a time, here and now. That is all I am asking from you.” She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, releasing it slowly. Her shoulders sag a little, and when her eyes open, she looks decisive and I feel a cold chill passing through my body. This is it.

And this one is from “Dismantled” –

Colton paced the street and shoved his hands in his now messy hair. He stopped and looked at me. We were both at a loss for words. “Ciara… He is a tough ass, he will be fine.”

Looking at him, I gave him a small smile and whispered “I know.” Notso squeezed me harder. We heard steps come our way from behind us. I glanced back over my shoulder and saw Keagan, Traxx’s cousin and one of my best friends, approach us.

“Where is he?” She immediately asked.

I was sure that Notso has been updating her via text messages until she was able to get here.

Keagan came to me and hugged me from the opposite side where Notso was holding me.

“He’s still inside. The paramedics are with him.”

“Dear God!” Keagan inhaled deeply and her trembling hands came up to her face to wipe the tears that had escaped her eyes.

“The good news is that we don’t think he was hurt, well, at least not physically. Let’s think positive and hope for the best.”

Suddenly, the front door opens, we see Brianna and Detective Hall coming out and behind them is Traxx, covered by a blanket and with a paramedic on each side. I turn and escape from Notso’s and Keagan’s embrace.

Brianna stops in front of me when she reaches our group, and grabs my arm while giving me a sad look. I gently push around her so I can see Traxx, calling after him.


Slowly, he lifts his face to look at me. My eyes grow wide, when I notice his cheek and neck peppered in red. Instead of his usual cocky smile, I see sadness surround all his features and his brown eyes are spark-less, similar to the darkness found in a hollow tree. I gasp loudly and use my hand to cover my mouth so the scream that wants to escape stays secure inside.

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