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In the Words of an Author: An Interview With S.C. Hutchinson

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

From the age of twelve, I decided that I absolutely loved writing after being introduced to Edgar Allen Poe in Mrs. Outlaw’s Literature class. I was going through a lot of major events during that time, and something about Poe just spoke to me. From there, I discovered Whitman, Thoreau, and Frost. I was in Heaven! The love of writing just exploded from there.

Are there any specific authors who have influenced your craft?

As previously mentioned, there were many poets who influenced my early love of writing. As for my style of writing, I would have to say that Anne Rice, Stephen King, Charlaine Harris, and Patricia Briggs. I like to believe that I have a mixture of those styles (or at least that’s my goal). LOL!

What, if anything, do you do outside of writing?

I own and operate a company called BayouBama Ghostwriting Services.

What can you tell us about your company, BayouBama?

There’s really a lot to tell about that. However, I’ll try to give the ‘Cliff’s Notes’. LOL. I created this company to help the indie author. I was already doing some ghostwriting on my own, but the concept was that we could eventually do so much more. So, as time progressed, more people joined BayouBama as freelancers. Now, we offer many unpaid services, such as mentions on our site and blog, as well as paid services such as the following: editing/copy editing, proofreading, book cover design, limited marketing services, ghostwriting, and our publishing services are currently in the beta phase. If anyone is interested in finding out more about us, they are more than welcome to check out our site at:

Out of all your current works, who is your favorite character to work with and why?

I have to say that in the two I have published, I like Hadrian Balliol the most. He’s what I call a ‘stoic hopeless romantic’. He is tough on the outside, but all soft and cuddly on the inside. Yet, so few see that in him. I also loved describing his change from human into a werewolf. THAT was fun!

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Well, this year will be the year of multiple releases for me. I have the second book of ‘The Dark Series’ coming out titled, Celtic Heart of Darkness. I also have two anthologies I’m participating in. The first is with Ella Dominguez, Gwendolyn Grace, Yara Greathouse, and C.C Wood. That one is called ‘Southern Comforts Anthology’, which is a contemporary romance anthology about finding love in unexpected places. The second is with my ladies at BayouBama Ghostwriting Services plus a few others. Laura Black, Ashlei Hawley, Joanna Helms, C.M Holloway, and Stephanie Nett plus Marty Wilcox and Sandra Ely! That anthology is titled, ‘After Dark’. It’s a paranormal romance anthology with all sorts of things that go ‘bump’ in the night—literally and figuratively. PLUS, I have Sequestered Hearts coming out in Fall of 2015.
In addition to my own books, I see great things happening with BayouBama Ghostwriting Services as well. We are constantly adding tweaks to our current services and hopefully adding a couple new services. We don’t charge near what industry standard dictates because we are more interested in seeing indie authors succeed. We look out for news and events for the indie authors to try to circumnavigate the difficulties of the business. We feel that indie authors get a ‘bad rap’ just because we publish ourselves. Most people don’t realize that some of us turned down two acceptance letters from publishers in order to self-publish because we did not believe in the vanity of charging several thousand dollars PLUS royalties for what an author can have done by us for a few hundred.

What advice do you have for any authors just setting out on their journey?

Nothing in this world is free. Either you’re investing money or you’re investing time. Every moment you breathe and every dime you spend is an investment. Writing, to me, is an investment in something that will live (quite literally) forever. I’m not saying you’re going to be a best-selling author during your lifetime or that you’ll be another Steven King or John Grisham. What I’m saying is that someone somewhere in some time will read your novel and will speak to them in a way that soothes their soul. You will give someone somewhere an escape from a difficult reality or life in general. That in and of itself should be reason to write. So, keep at it.

As for the technical stuff, I could put a shameless plug about BayouBama and our editing services, but I won’t. Regardless of whether you use us or not, have your work edited at least two to three times. Invest in a program that reads it aloud to you so that you can hear the flow of your story, and find a set of really great beta readers who are bluntly honest.
Is there anything you’d like to say to your readers?

Be patient with me. LOL. The two I have out now (Into the Darkness from the Light and The Highland Stones are my first two releases. I had to test the water with something, but my best is yet to come! That, and read on! Also, remember that many authors are readers, too. So, we understand the emotional trauma we can inflict! LOL.

Would you care to leave us a little snippet from one of your books, as well as the links to stay-up-to-date with all things S.C. Hutchinson?

If the readers would kindly ‘like’ my Facebook page, they’ll be able to keep up with snippets, teasers, and such from up and coming novels of mine, events (such as cover releases), and signings I’ll be attending. I also announce the same things on my website.
‘Stalk Me’ and ‘One – Click’ Links:
Into the Darkness from the Light:
CreateSpace: (for paperback version)
The Highland Stones:
CreateSpace: (for paperback version)

“The Highland Stones” excerpt:
I can’t make him choose like that, her heart said. It is just so wrong on many levels. His pack needs him, but I need him, too. I have never felt so much with anyone—ever. Moreover, here I am—the fulcrum at the center of his decisions. How could I do that to him? To his pack? I’ve seen the way these men look at him and treat him with such respect. Isn’t that what a man wants the most? Respect? How can I respect him or even myself if he chooses me over his pack?

“Into the Darkness from the Light” excerpt:
The night looked different than any other night she had ever seen. Things were more—illuminant than she recalled. Everything was different. She no longer felt like she was in her own body. Every fiber of her muscles seemed to be filled with so much magic. Things seemed more intense. She felt more passionately than she ever felt before. Everything was so primal. She looked over at Julian. Urges swelled up inside of her…urges that she could control—if she wanted to. She didn’t care to at this time. She stopped walking, which forced him to cease as well. He turned toward her. Just as he was about to ask if she was okay, she pressed her lips to his and engaged in a passionate embrace which ignited the burning desires from within. She pulled him down on top of her in the grass tearing off his shirt ripping apart any hope of salvaging even the slightest of buttons. He slid her gown slightly off of her shoulder kissing her skin.

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