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In The Words of an Author: An Interview With Alora Kate

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?
No. I was a licensed insurance agent for ten years, never thought I’d end up writing. But I’m so happy I’m doing what I love now.

Are there any specific authors who have influenced your craft?
Kristen Ashley is my FAVORITE author. I have read and loved them all. Then its Darynda Jones. She writes paranormal stories and then I would have to say Tara Sivec and R.L. Mathewson.

You’re not just an author, you’ve also started doing book cover design. What’s your favorite part of the cover design process?
I love learning new things in Photoshop to help make the covers the best they can be. I also like building them from scratch. Someone gives me information about the book and I find the pictures and do moch ups until we have something we both love.

What advice can you offer those that are attempting to create their own book covers?
When doing your own cover, make sure you research sizes and have rights to use pictures. You want your cover to look good on all platforms and you can find information on that just by searching Google. Don’t use random pictures you find online, you can have issues with the owner of those pictures if you don’t get permission to use it.

You were recently published in “Once A Collection of Sinfully Sexy and Twisted Tales”. What can you tell us about your experience working in an anthology?
I love the ladies dearly! It was an awesome experience and we are talking about doing another book together. The stories were all amazing.

Out of all your current works, who is your favorite character to work with and why?
I love all my characters, but I really enjoyed writing Fall and getting to know him.

The Four Seasons series is about to conclude with “Chasing Winter” in the summer of 2015. That’s got to be a bit bitter-sweet. How does it feel to be putting out the final book in this series?
I’m already sad about this, but I’ve got a good epilogue coming up in book 4, so we get to see the whole gang again and where they are in life. I’m enjoying writing Winter and Chase’s story.
I’ve been writing The Four Season’s stories for almost a year now, so yes bittersweet but I’m ready to move on.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
I already have my next novel written. It needs edited and tweaked a little and then I hope to release it by September. Its called “Forever My Home”, and is listed on Goodreads. Beyond that I have 45 books started and I hope to publish them all.

What advice do you have for any authors just setting out on their journey?
Don’t give up. Don’t worry about negative reviews and don’t listen to the gossip or get dragged into the drama. Just do you own thing, its your story, write it.

Would you care to leave us a little snippet from one of your books, as well as the links to stay-up-to-date with all things Alora?

Chapter 1
~ Summer ~

“You slept with her!” I yelled as I charged into the kitchen.
He took a bite of his cereal. Any time of the day, the guy just loved eating cereal.
“She’s my best friend.” I protested.
He grinned that stupid grin, the one he knows I hate.
I love my brother, I really do. But at that moment, I hated him more than ever.
Hannah Michaels and I had met in the fourth grade, shortly after she had switched to our school. We were quiet, shy, and kept to ourselves. We weren’t popular or skinny, nor were we super smart, but we studied hard and made honor roll each year. It never bothered us that we didn’t have the popularity because we were just being ourselves. We never tried to be anything different. Our interests matched when it came to movies and books and we even had similar tastes in foods. Unfortunately, the day she became my best friend was also the day she fell in love with my brother. 
It was different when we were younger. We would all hang out together, playing hide and seek, board games, and the best part was, we all got along great.
Now, he barely talks to or acknowledges her; well anyone for that matter. And if he does? That stupid famous grin of his would grace his face or he’d wink. Every time, Hannah would stop breathing, her eyes getting all dreamy like, and her head would start to fill up with visions that included a wedding and a white picket fence, alongside my brother, Fall.
They were visions we both knew would never come true. Despite his reputation and the line of girls he had used whenever and however he liked – or so I’ve heard – her crush continued.  And when Hannah crushed on someone, the girl crushed hard.
“She was a virgin,” I whispered. I barely looked at him.
He tossed his dishes in the sink and walked away. I felt bad for Hannah and I was pissed at my brother. I couldn’t believe he would actually sleep with her.
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